Movie Review: Church of Tares

This is a movie review I did on the documentary “Church of Tares.”

Book Review: “2000 Years of Christ’s Power (Volume 3)” by Nick Needham

This is a book review I did on “2000 Years of Christ’s Power (Volume 3): Renaissance and Reformation” by Nick Needham.

Book Review: “When Faith Is Forbidden” by Todd Nettleton

This is a book review I did on “When Faith Is Forbidden: 40 Days On The Frontlines With Persecuted Christians” by Todd Nettleton, the host of “The Voice of the Martyrs Radio.”

Agglomeration: Vocation, Homelessness and Being a Disciple

In this post, I answer various questions. In my responses, I write on the doctrine of vocation, being a disciple in the 21st century, and homelessness.

Recap: Top Articles for March 2021

Here is a brief post that summarizes my most-viewed posts from March 2021. They include posts on Todd Smith, Jen Wilkin, Good Fight Ministries and the Association of Related Churches (ARC).

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